Memorable Members

This page is dedicated to MCAC life and honorary members who are no longer with us. They made significant contributions to the Fair and their memory will not be forgotten.

To have a life or honorary member added or the information changed or updated on our
Memorable Members page, please email
Be sure to include…
• Information on their life (obituary or other pertinent information)
• Information on what they did to receive their life membership and things they
   enjoyed participating in at the Ag Center/Fair
• A picture would be great

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Myrtle Adams

Woodrow W. Adams, Sr.

Minnie Allnutt

Clarence Allnutt, Jr.

Fred Anderson

Mrs.Otto W. Anderson

Zella Anderson

Irene Arnold

William F. Arnold

C. M. Atchison

Helen Atchison

Julia Bailey

Michael Bailey

Aldo Bancala

Fannie Watkins Barber

Francis H. Barber

Maude Barber

Maude I.W. Barber

Mr. & Mrs. T.A. Barnsley

Mrs.Ernest Beall

Esther Beall

Fred Beall

Gertrude Beall

Mrs.Irene Beall

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie G. Beall

Mrs Rudell Beall

Rudell Beall

W. Ralph Beall

Mr. & Mrs. WM. Beall

Kathleen Beck

Mr. & Mrs. J. Herbert Becraft

Garrison Bell

Mrs.Lawrence Best

Lawrence Best

L. A. Biggs

James Boswell

Albert M. Bouic

James M. Bowman

Thomas Bowman

Robert S. Boyd

Betty Bradley

Donald Bradley

Merhle Brandenburg

Ruth Brandenburg

Mr. & Mrs. L.E. Brashears

J. Newton Brewer

Burroughs Bros.

Mrs.Dorothy Brosius

Irma Hubble Brown

Robert T. Brown

Guy Broyles, Sr.

James M. Burch

Carl Burdette

Paul D. Burdette

Lillian Burroughs

James Bussard

Moira Cable

Ludwig Caminita

Margaret Caminita

Donald Campbell

Nancy Canby

William Carl

Christine Carlin

W. Douglas Carlin

Shirley Carnahan

Laura (Tiny) Carr

Samuel Carr

William Carroll

Jacob Carter

Patricia Carter

Evelyn Chase

Ridgely B. Chichester

Mrs.Lula Cissel

Chester Clagett

Gracie Clagett

Gracie A. Clagett

Joseph D. Clagett

Mr. Lester Clagett

Ida Clark

Edward "Peanut" Cochran

Edward Cockrell

John E. Colbert

Milton S. Collins

James T. Conlan

Douglas Connelly

Mary V. Connelly

R.H. Costello

J.J. Cotter

Mrs.Lee Councilman

Helen Cranford

George Crawford

Mrs.Jesse Crawford

Claire Crenshaw

Mrs.Hayes Crider

James Cummings

C.R. Curt

Robert Curtis

Thomas C. Darby

James L. Day

Robert Day

Mrs.Windsor Day

William Demory

Edward Dishman

Goldie Donaldson

Joann Dorsey

William Dorsey

Mrs.John Downey

Bette Duda

William Duncan

Charles & Anita Eckles

Francis J. Eckloff

J.B. Ely

Gustav Emery

Mrs.Gustav Emery

Howell F. Eyler

Helena Farmer

Helena Farmer

James A. Federline

Mrs.Cora Fetrow

Ward W. Fetrow

Elizabeth Fisher

Joseph E. Fisher

Lois Fisher

Warren Fisher

Harvey W. Fling

Audrey C. Fogelsanger

Frank Fones, Sr.

George Foster

A. Grover Fraley

Catherine Fraley

Mrs.Donald Fraley

Elsie Fraley

Joseph Fraley

Mary E. Fraley

Oscar Fraley

Ruby Fraley

Dora Jane Fraley Wilt

William J. Franklin

Leslie Frye

Ruth Frye

Donald Fugitt

Rose Fugitt

T. Irving Fulks

WM. H. Fulks

George Fuller

Mrs.Elizabeth Gaither

Mamie Gartner

Millard Gartner

Fred Gilpin

Hannah B. Gilpin

William H. Gilpin

Henry Gomez

John Grabis, Jr.

Lee Graf

Charles Graham

Virginia Graley

Ethel V. Green

Frieda Gregg

Stanley W. Gregg

Mary Griffin

Jeffery M. Griffith

Mrs.Marian Griffith

Ulysses Griffith, IV

Mr. William F. Gude

Adolph E. Gude Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. A.E. Gude, Sr.

Mr.R. Gordon Hagan

Ernest Hall

Florence Hall

Mrs.Milmo Hambleton

Norma Hand

Norma Hand

Dale Hanson

Eugenia Hargett

Wesley Hargett

Mrs. C. Willard Harvey

C. Willard Harvey

Earnest Hawkins

Elfrieda Haynes

Joseph Heck Jr.

David Heller

Mrs.Virginia Henderson

George F. Herbold

Mrs.Millard H. Hess

Nicholas Hill

Frances Hilten

Elsie Hines

Evelyn Hines

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Hines, Sr.

Mary Hobbs

Mrs.Mildred Holmes

Vernon Holter

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hoskinson

Alice Hostetler

Ethel Howard

Mildred Howard

Bessie E. Howes

Ivy Howes

J. Dorsey Howes

Marian Howes

Mr. & Mrs. R. Guy Howes

W. Dennis Howes

Frank Hubbard

James Huckeba

Randall Huffman

Edward "Ned" Huntt

Arthur Imirie

George Imirie, Jr.

David Isis

Ernest Jackson

Richard Janney

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Johnson

Donald Johnson

S. C. Johnson

Margaret Jones

C.W. Jordan

Florence Kanode

Mr. & Mrs. Gilmore Keller

Dorothy Kilby, Jr.

E. Lewis Kilby, Jr.

B.Z. Kile

Elizabeth S. Kile

Ronald Kile

Anna Mae King

Bertha Jane King

Dorothy King

Dorothy King

Ernest King

Hilda King

James W. King

James F. King

Marcie King

Margaret King

Mary Lee King

Merhle U. King

Nellie King

W. Ollie King

Mrs.W. O. King

W.D. King

Edwin R. Kinsey

Dwight Kromer

Kenneth Kurtz

Amy Leber

William Lechlider

Harold Lethbridge

Louise Lethbridge

Joan Lewallen

Michael Lewallen

Marshall R. Lewis

Dixie Linthicum

Harry Lloyd

Lawrence Luhn

Maynard Mac Pherson

John Z. MacPherson

Sarah MacPherson

Ernest Maier, Jr.

Mr.William K. Mainhart

Robert Mangum

Mr.Tom Mannix

John Marlin, Jr.

Thomas V. Marshall

Walter Marshall

Calvin Martin

Shirley Martin

Elsie Mathias

Evelyn Maxwell

George McBain

Lucy McBain

John McBride

Broderick McCrossin

Broderick McCrossin

Elzworth McCrossin

W. Elzworth McCrossin

Mr. & Mrs. WM. G. McCrossin

Rachel McCutheon

J. William McNamara

William J. McNamra

Mrs.Bernie McPherson

Doris Medairy

Paul Medairy

Merle Van Metre

J Justus Meyer, Jr.

Margaret Miller

Roy Miller

Mrs.Catherine Mills

James Mims

James Moore

Charles Morris

Daisy Morris

John Morris

Martha Morris

Patricia Morris

Leo F. Mullin

Emma Muncaster

Cynthia Murphy

Dauna Lynn Murphy

Dorothy Murphy

Emmet G. Murphy

Rockne Murphy

Roy Murphy

Harry Musgrove

Charles MusserJr

Henry MusserJr

Mrs.Paul Nash

W.F. Nash, Jr.

Carl Neese

Sterling Nehouse

Daniel Nichols

Gladys Nichols

Betty Nicholson

Robert E. Ogg

Mildred Oland

Millard Oland

Grant Olson

Donald F. Ormsby

Ruth Owens

C.M. Page Sr.

Margaret Palmer

Nell Pappalardo

Emory C. Patton

A. H. Paul

Katherine Payne

Marvin Payne

Drew Pearson

Virginia Pearson

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Perry

Anna Mary Pickett

C. M. Pickett

Gladys Poffenberger

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger

Mrs.Harry Pollock

Wilson C. Poole

Patty Porter

Joseph W. Potter

Joan Proctor

Dora Purdum

L. William Purdum

Ervin Ramseur

Jane Rankin

Frederica Rapley

William Reffit

Mrs.Margaret Reidel

Mike Rider

Barbara Ridge

Henrietta Riggs

R.D. Riggs

Robert Darrington Riggs

Douglas Riggs, Jr.

Douglas Riggs, Sr.

W. W. Ripley

Erma Root

Fred M. Root

Warden O. Rose

Knobby Ross

Douglas Rossignol

Michael Roth

Zazelle Royer

Michael Sainato

Leslie Sanders

Rosabell Sandison

Margaret L. Sasnett

Mr. & Mrs. A.R. Selby

Gilbert Seymour

James W. Shoemaker

Louise Shoemaker

Harold Shoemaker, Sr.

Emerson Slacum

John Smeltzer

Alfred H. Smith

Harry R. Smith

Marshall Smith

Mary W. Smith

Shirley Smith

William Francis Smith

J.W. Snyder

James J. Snyder

Pearle Sofaly

Mrs.Gladys Stabler

Mrs.Margaret Stabler

Robert Stabler , Jr.

Rebecca Stadler

Algie Staley

Marie Staley

Ralph F. Stanley Sr.

Rebecca Starkey

William Starkey Sr.

W.F. Stickle

Blair Stiles

Charlie Stiles

Nancy Stiles

Lillian Stone

Arthur Strang

J.W. Stup

Myrtle Stup

Robert R. Sumner

Richard Sweeney

Gladys Swope

Albert S. Tabler

Mrs.Mary Talbott

Roy Talbott

James Tessier

C.M. Thomas

Katherine G. Thomas

William L. Thompson

Charles Bucky ThriftIII

Mabel Tregoning

Jessie Van Kirk

Jessie M. VanKirk

L.H. Vankirk

Henry Vaughan

William Vickers

Leroy Wachter

Charles R. Waker

Doris Walker

Lorraine Walker

Marion Walker

Stewart E.D. Walker

Flora Ward

Frank Ward

Mr. & Mrs. J.G. Ward

James Ward

Wilson Ward

Anna Warden

Donald E. Warfield

H. Deets Warfield

Julia L. Warfield

Hannah Warner

Anna Waters

Catherine Waters

Irene Waters

Mrs.Bessie Watkins

Bessie Watkins

Mrs.Charles Watkins

Guy D. Watkins

Harry Watkins

Jeanette Watkins

Linda Watkins

Nettie D. Watkins

Nettie Watkins

Philip Watkins

Rosemary Watkins

Royce T. Watkins

Mrs.Arthur Watkins, Sr.

John Webb

John C. "Rufus" Webb, Jr.

Douglas Weiger

Peter Weiger

W. Mack Wells, Sr.

James Welsh

Esther Whipp

Nelson Whipp

Floyd Whirley

Donald White

Clifton Wightman

W.R. Williams

William H. Wilmot

Herman W. Wilson

Lillian Wilson

Michael Wilson

Walter F. Wilson

William R. Wines

Bettie Ann Umstead Witt

Lewis Wood

Mrs.Bradley Woodfield

Julie Wren

Robert Wynne

John E. Younkins

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  • Professional Bull Riders
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  • The Grey Goose Farm
  • United Service Specialist
  • T-Mobile
  • Guardian Fire Protection Services
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  • Grant County Mulch
  • Adventist Health Care Shady Grove Medical Center
  • Landscape Enterprises
  • Hot 995
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  • Lakeforest Mall
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