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It is believed that catholic monks were the first people to domesticate rabbits.  It is known that there was a great deal of trading of rabbits between the monasteries as early as 1194.  Since then, over 40 different breeds of bunnies have been developed.  Animals vary in size from the 2 lb. Netherland Dwarf to the Flemish Giant which can weigh over 15 lbs.!!!


Rabbits are raised for many different reasons; show, pets, fur, wool, scientific research and meat.


Bunnies are an excellent choice as a pet.  They can live as easily in a small apartment as in a large backyard.  They can be house trained much like a cat and they require no vet visits for immunizations.


They return hours of amusement and love since they easily bond to humans.


You should never buy a bunny to keep another bunny company.


These are very territorial animals and do not live well with another rabbit.


Some of the more popular breeds for pets are:


Holland Lop


  • Approximately four pounds when fully grown
  • Very friendly
  • Has ears that hang down
  • Comes in a variety of colors


Jersey Wooly


  • A tad smaller at 3 ½ pounds
  • Long Wooly coat but very manageable requiring some grooming
  • Extremely friendly and charming
  • Personality in Buck and Doe about the same


Mini Rex


  • Approximately 4 ½ pounds when fully grown
  • Fur which is 5/8” long. Appears to have a velvety texture
  • Friendly