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Pigs, which originated in Europe and India, were the earliest animals to be domesticated.  They grow rapidly, averaging about three pounds per day.  Pigs average 10-15 piglets a litter.  Piglets weigh around two and a half pounds at birth and can reach 250 pounds.  Breeds of pigs can be distinguished by their hair color and whether they have droopy or erect ears.


Popular Breeds of Pigs




Yorkshires originated in England around 1893.  They are large animals, white in appearance, and have erect ears.  Yorkshires are excellent mother.




Durocs vary from light red to dark red color with drooped ears.  They are noted for their rapid growth and they also have excellent mothering abilities.




This breed originated in Kentucky in 1893.  Hampshires are black with a white belt around the shoulders and front legs and they have erect ears.


American Landrace


The American Landrace is a young breed, having originated in 1950 in Denmark.  Characteristics include large, white and long bodies.  American Landrace also have large drooping ears.