Free Entertainment


Various Times, Daily!
Location: PEPCO Community Stage

Brad is an educational agricultural specialist.  He entertains and educates Fairgoers, offering 4 completely different educational agricultural shows.  They are: Agricadabra, Healthy Eating of Agriculture, Science of Agriculture, and Going Green with Agriculture.  Be sure not to miss these fun and entertaining shows!

Animal Alley Zoo

Upper Grounds - Patrons can enjoy walking through the static display all day and there will be several shows throughout the day!

David works with live native and exotic animals in a wide range of species and sizes, from the smaller lizards and snakes to the larger mammals. He has over twenty years of experience training and handling of animals. David is a former Park Ranger with the National Park Service charged with protecting the national's heritage and wildlife and continues this love of wildlife with Animal Alley Productions. David has produced Animal Alley for over a decade presenting to thousands of school students and adults each year. David Stewart is an experienced animal exhibitor and speaker, bringing his unique insights in fun, entertaining presentations.

Many of Animal Alley Production's educational animals have been donated by zoos, wildlife centers, the television show, “Animal Cops" and individuals from around the country.

The animals are worked with on a daily basis for years in order for them to be used and trained to educate as charismatic ambassadors of their species and the environments they inhabit.

Barn Yard Review

August 11-19 at various times in the Buffalo Wild Wings KidZone.

Barn Yard Review is a farm themed, family variety show which includes agricultural information, farm safety tips, comedy, music, art, farm themed magic and illusions.  Each show features Farmer Zak (your friendly farmer), Miss Amanda (his trusty but silly side-kick), Hammy Faye (fantastic dancer and jokester), and Elvis Holstein (with a truly moooo-ving Elvis style tribute to the Bovine). With something for all ages!

Carrie McQueen

Various Times, Daily Roaming The Grounds!

Carrie juggles, dances, and creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement!  She will be strolling the Fair at various times.  Be sure to look out for her amazing acts!  You never know what character you will see...

Chainsaw Carver

Various Times, Daily in Farmer's Triangle!

The Chainsaw Carver can quickly transform a three-foot tall log into a true work of art. Nearly every show will result with a carving being produced from start to finish, with as many as four carvings per day and shows lasting up to an hour.  The best part - you can purchase a carving!  Be sure to check the Fair Schedule for show times!

Comedy Hypnotist

Friday, August 11th - Saturday, August 19th 9pm
Location: PEPCO Community Stage

Brad Matchett provides a family-friendly Vegas style Hypnosis Show with volunteers that want to experience a great time.  People who can relax and let go will find out just how much fun they can have.  Hypnosis can often be described as a deep state of relaxation.  One hour of hypnosis is like 6 to 8 hours of sleep.  We all go in and out of hypnosis every day - driving, reading a book, watching TV, or even playing a video game.  Be sure to check out this hilarious show that is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Fast Action Motorsports

Various Times, Daily on the Upper Grounds!

Race against other Fair-goers in tournaments for trophies and a chance to win the Montgomery County Fair Grand Championship!  Open to all ages!

Hogway Speedway brought to you by Grant County Mulch

Various Times, Daily near the PEPCO Community Stage!

Don't miss the adorable racing pigs, ducks, and goats!

Magic & Illusions of John Steven Bloom

Daily on the PEPCO Community Stage

For 25 years Grand Stage Illusionist & Master Magician John Steven Bloom has been wowing audiences and garnering critical acclaim for his special blend of magic, humor & family entertainment. Be sure to visit the PEPCO Community Stage to catch a performance the whole family will enjoy!

Raptors Up Close

Various Times, Daily!
Location: PEPCO Community Stage and the Upper Grounds

Be sure to stop by the Raptors tent to see Birds of Prey up close!  There will also be a show every morning to learn more about these amazing birds.  Check out the Fair Schedule for show times!

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